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Meet the speakers who will bring innovative and industry-leading content to the 2022 program.


Patti Carroll - AWS Professional Services

Patti Carroll

Sr. Sustainability Strategist and Applied Scientist at AWS Professional Services
Anindya Chanda - Mycologics LLC

Anindya Chanda

Chief Executive Officer at Mycologics LLC
Tracy Raines - AgBiome

Tracy Raines

Chief Innovation Officer, Business Development at AgBiome
Marc Oshima - AeroFarms

Marc Oshima

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at AeroFarms
Gijs Schilthuis - European Commission

Gijs Schilthuis

Directorate – General for Agriculture and Rural Development at European Commission
John Reich, Ph.D. - Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR)

John Reich, Ph.D.

Scientific Program Director at Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR)
Jennifer Lilly - Plant Response

Jennifer Lilly

Director Regulatory at Plant Response
Spencer Walse - USDA Agricultural Research Service

Spencer Walse

Research Chemist at USDA Agricultural Research Service
Tammy Schweiner - Ingevity

Tammy Schweiner

North America Account Manager at Ingevity
Diane Allemang - FMC

Diane Allemang

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at FMC
Douglas A. Robinson - Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C.

Douglas A. Robinson

Principal at Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C.
Robert Kennedy, Ph.D. - Vestaron

Robert Kennedy, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer at Vestaron
Thimmaiah Appachanda PhD - Lux Research Inc.

Thimmaiah Appachanda PhD

Senior Research Analyst at Lux Research Inc.
Claudia Rössler - Microsoft Cloud for Industry

Claudia Rössler

Director for Strategic Partnerships in Food & Agriculture at Microsoft Cloud for Industry
Maros Ivanic - USDA Economic Research Service

Maros Ivanic

Agricultural Economist at USDA Economic Research Service
Jason Gabriel - Syngenta Group Ventures

Jason Gabriel

Managing Director at Syngenta Group Ventures
Dr. Yebin Zhao - Agoro

Dr. Yebin Zhao

Head of Science at Agoro
Dr. Scott H. Jackson - Vestaron Corporation

Dr. Scott H. Jackson

VP of Regulatory and Government Affairs at Vestaron Corporation
Jason Webber - SC Ventures LLC

Jason Webber

Principal at SC Ventures LLC
Megan Priest - Delta Analytical Corporation

Megan Priest

Senior Regulatory Analyst at Delta Analytical Corporation
Sara Olson, Ph.D. - FMC Corporation

Sara Olson, Ph.D.

Principal – FMC Ventures at FMC Corporation
Dr. Andrew Smith - Rodale Institute

Dr. Andrew Smith

Chief Operating Officer at Rodale Institute
John Appel - BPS Agriculture

John Appel

President and Board Member at BPS Agriculture
Mariola Kopcinski, Ph.D. - Ingevity

Mariola Kopcinski, Ph.D.

Global Business Manager AgroChemicals at Ingevity
Melissa M. Johnson, Ph.D. - Corteva Agriscience

Melissa M. Johnson, Ph.D.

Product Science & Technology Leader at Corteva Agriscience